Your website is often the first contact with your business most people experience. The right design and the right code will ensure your marketing is successful.

Website design is all about understanding your brand’s image, converting it into a functional and easy to use website (preferably one that is clean and user-friendly) and creating it with the best coding practices available. A well designed and efficient website is the base of a successful online marketing campaign.

Web design is an art and a science. We test the best practices, observe user behaviour and track every inch of user interactions to understand what works and what doesn’t.

The following are the key considerations to get your website done:

1. It’s about the user. What you think pretty, may be ugly for the users (your customers). Get a design that not only looks pretty to you, but one that your customers will find useful and attractive.

2. Design, design, design. Animated tricks, colorful text, big (big) logos are not usually the solution. A balanced design, that keeps best practices in mind always does the job.

3. Content management. Since the advent of content management systems websites have given users more power. You don’t need to depend on a developer to update your content, now you can do it yourself as fast and as frequent as you need it.