Improve your kitchen with a kitchen renovation

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Sometimes we find ourselves wndering if our kitchen could look better and be more funcitonal. This may turn into feelings of discomfort and insatisfaction with your old kitchen. Are you asking yourself if your kitchen still makes you happy? Maybe it is time for a kitchen renovation for which you should hire a home renovations Guelph company. You deserve to have a kitchen that brightens your day, not darkens your mood! If your kitchen is looking past its prime and in complete need of a renovation, maybe it is time to call the pros. Below, we outline our the top 10 tips for renovating your kitchen and getting rid of all outdated details.


Stressed out? Maybe you should see a psychologist

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These days finding the right work-life balance can be a challenging task. With the speed at which the world changes and how much we find ourselves running from point A to B without even a break is incredible. It is not uncommon to hear people talk about going to see a psychologist Merida. But strangely enough, many still feel the stigma of going to the therapist when we should all at some point of our lives take some counselling therapy. (more…)

What is and how can Google My Business help you?

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The Marketing StuffIn a global economy, competition is a lot bigger than what your grandparents faced in their time. Currently, there are over 400 million small businesses that compete for attention all over the world. Actually, we don’t know the exact number and can’t possibly find it, simply because an official number would not consider how many people start their businesses in their basement or their backyard shed or kitchen table and just go for it before even registering. In some countries, that can be the majority of people!(more…)

Tips for Businesses to Grow during the Covid-19 pandemic

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In these difficult times, we are responding to a pandemic that affects businesses and retailers around the world. Covid-19 is harming businesses in every country and destroying the economy. Uncertainty and not knowing when the pandemic will end will undoubtedly cause losses to most companies.

Things change every day. Different locations and states enforce different rules. Businesses of all sizes, from global institutions to small family businesses, are feeling the impact of the virus economically and emotionally. However, compared with brick-and-mortar retailers, this feeling is even greater. Because of the implementation of blockade measures, encouraging social isolation, and requiring people to limit contact with others, many physical locations have to open their doors to the public. Although this may encourage online shopping behavior in COVID-19, brick-and-mortar retailers need to find ways to stay relevant and improve their revenue figures to survive. (more…)

Get more clicks without affecting Rank

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It is possible to get more organic search traffic without increasing your google rankings.

When users look for a service or product online, the results from Google all compete against each other for attention. Since the use of images in search results is limited (or non-existent) and all you have a words to compete, these words are the most important asset. The information that Google displays on search results is called the “search snippet”. (more…)

Is it good to use stock photography on a website?

Is it good to use stock photography on a website?

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It is hard to find the right images to showcase your business and your products, especially if your business is a service. Hiring a photographer can be expensive, more if you don’t know exactly what you want, paying for a photographer to wait for hours for you to come up with the right idea is not a good use of money. But you still need images.

Stock photography is a great alternative to hiring a professional photographer AND models. Can you take the pictures  yourself and use a couple of friends as models, sure you can. Will they have the crisp quality and excellent presentation of a professional photo? Most likely not. (more…)

6 great online marketing tactics to increase your leads

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Every day, week and month there are a series of inbound marketing strategies that a business owner should know to increase the number of leads. Having an excellent website design Guelph helps a lot. The top 10 tactics are right here:

Redesign the sales process

Seems obvious, and yet, when a business is not generating enough leads, the sales process is often overlooked and as a result, the little leads your business has are lost for an inadequate sales process. Users’ behaviour has changed in a drastic manner, if adjustments are not made to the sales process so that it matches the way your potential clients want to purchase, your business is at risk of loosing qualified sales.

Create a memorable experience

What is a memorable experience on a website? It starts with the very first interaction with your brand, a user needs consistency and reliability to gain trust in your products and services. A memorable experience is simply one that can be remembered, either because it was shocking, easy to go through or fun. Make your brand stand out or be forgotten. (more…)

Preparing your ecommerce website for the holidays

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The holiday season of 2015 is getting closer every minute. We are about 1 month away from the beginning of the busiest period of the year for retailers. In 2014, ecommerce sales had a record year and the expectations are that in this 2015, sales online are just going to keep increasing. With billions of dollars at stake, you want to be sure that your online store is ready for the most important season of the year.

Mobile ready, responsive, or whatever, but be mobile!

Not even going to try to convince you about the benefits of being mobile. Everyone holds a smartphone now, it is not 2008 when smartphones were still some sort of a high end thing. Smartphones and superphones are just phones now, it takes real effort to want to go back to a flip phone or a mobile that is just a phone. So, why is it that many ecommerce sites are still not mobile friendly? This year, mobile purchases are expected to grow in at least 32% compared to last year. This is almost double the growth since 2014. Get moving and hire someone to build your new web design with mobile in mind… now. (more…)