Content management systems… why use them?

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I’m constantly asked by clients why we always suggest using a content management system. Most traditional web designers prefer to use the one-off approach of developing a website without a content management system (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, DNN, Mambo, Wordpress, etc.

Can Search Engines control you?

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Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc… all search engines designed to help us find websites that otherwise we would not know they even exist. All is good and great until you start seriously thinking about it.

Great interview of Chris Brogan

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This is an interview by Cali Lewis from Our marketing approach should understand the numbers, but we must learn to see people as people and not just a bunch of data.

The future is now

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Most traditional marketers were only interested in earning an income, no matter the consequences. What is our present like?

Windows 7 is here, these are hotkeys to make your life easier

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So Windows 7 is out and most people are now getting used to the new settings. It has very little change in regards to eye candy compared to Vista, but has a couple of interesting improvements. While so many have reviewed the goods and bads, I think it is pretty much the same as Vista but with a couple of very nice fixes that were more than needed in the previous system.

Are you sure this is good?

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I get a lot of news from my RSS feeds every day. Usually I skim through looking for any relevant news. Today, I found out that we are on the edge of science fiction! Well, maybe not so much the edge, but it is a bit of fun and interesting news.

Windows 7 makes a splash

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Windows 7 has beaten Harry Potter’s Amazon UK preorder record. It is officially the most preordered item in the history of Amazon UK. That is something interesting. I keep wondering if Windows 7 will be as good as it seems.

Droid does… Android vs. iPhone OS

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Verizon has launched an aggresive baiting campaign and its breaking the iPhone’s marketing to give Android’s spot in the world of smartphones. Read it here.

Free Legal Stuff

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The Web Surfer’s Guide to the Free Internet

Here be the first edition of the Web Surfer’s Guide.

Bing is up!

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Bing is up for all those who care (about 10 people worldwide). Read my rant.

Bing is down!

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You may have noticed that Bing’s webmaster center is down. Should we call it the Pink note of death?

What real Marketing does

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Notice how the keywords are related to each product and subject. This is brand development and as usual, a great lesson in marketing.

The Wild New West

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Talking with Maryann today, we were discussing about how online marketing has become some sort of wild new west. Every man for himself, no law other than the gun you carried and ripe with opportunity… if you survived!

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