Design the right website

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The design of the right website is one of the most essential points of any digital marketing plan. It is no longer enough to have a simple brochure webpage, it is important to consider several different paramters surrounding it that can be critical to obtaining the expected results.

One of the fundamental points is to have the right domain name. We’ve been surprised by the fact that in some cases, the .ca domain extension has become quite popular, like in the case of Golden CPS for cell phone repair Guelph, that relates to the subject of cell phone repair, unlocking and trading.

We can also see another case of the .ca domain adoption in Eugenio Counselling a website that offers counselling (and targets the phrase counselling Guelph). Therapy services located in Ontario, Canada should use a domain with .ca as it is adequate for the country the counselling services are offered.

Once we have defined the domain name, we need a web design which can go from one simple HTML website to a very complex one designed over a content management system like SearchEngineOp’s focused in web design Guelph, built considering the best practices of the industry.

The key is to identify what we offer and what the searchers are looking for and clearly understand our company, brand or product being offered on the web.

Now, let’s talk about the website structure

The website structure refers to the code and the mesh of links between pages. It is important to consider how the information relates to the rest of the website, which place it should occupy and how will the user reach it when creating the sitemap.

It is very good to take cue cards and print the name of the different web pages that the website will contain. Then set them on a table and find the best way to organize them, making sure they make sense and the messaging is clear and organized.

The external factors

Websites don’t stand on their own. It is important that other websites link to it, so that searchers and search engines see the relevance and value of the content. This may seem like a popularity contest, and in many ways it is, however, for SEO it is vital that the website has a level of recognition, each link to it is a vote of confidence in the information provided. These links look like ‘SEO Guelph‘ which includes the keyphrase and the link to the right page, as well as these become a reference to the fact that information related to the phrases is contained therein.

The value of external incoming links is based on two factors:

  • Search engines will understand that our web page rises in relevance
  • People searching will see the links and can click on them to reach the appropriate information

So, what would be a good link? One that has the proper anchor text as well as the right link to the proper information. This will drive visitors to our web page and particularly, targeted visitors, people looking for our information.

These targeted visitors are the difference between success and failure with online marketing.

For some examples, see below:

  • A website about home renovations would target a phrase like ‘renovations Guelph’
  • A website talking about exit planning may talk about exit strategies
  • A website for people interested in surfing in Costa Rica, will show the appropriate information about surfing and SUP activities
  • A website offering Kitchener wedding photography, should take a visitor to a wedding photography businessĀ in Kitchener

So, go on and try out what we have just described. Implementing a successful web design is key for your online marketing strategies (even better is to have a well designed marketing strategy!).