Why is Social Media important

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The whole reason for you to have a social media presence is one single goal: to increase revenue. This could be because of better customer service, improved sales conversion, word of mouth on steroids or great branding, but the goal remains the same. SearchEngineOp can help you create and manage your social media networks to achieve measurable goals. (more…)

What business people use in LatinAmerica and Spain

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A common misconception is that social media in the Hispanic markets is not as important as it is in Canada or the USA. Certainly, it will be hard for Colombians, Mexican, Chileans or Spanish people to prefer a primarily English based social media website. A lot of them do use the same websites as people in US or Canada, but there a few differences in choices that completely different and unknown to most English speaking users. (more…)

Twitter en México

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Para muchos usuarios de internet, es evidente que en México se utilizan los medios sociales. Facebook, hi5, Fotolog y Twitter. Aunque muchas empresas siguen creyendo que los medios sociales son algo que en México no tiene importancia o efecto, cada vez es más notorio que se equivocan. Para ejemplo, con la reciente victoria de México sobre Francia en el mundial (2-0 por si se les había olvidado), se pudo observar inmediatamente la rección de los mexicanos en Twitter, favor de ver este gráfico para mejor ejemplo: (more…)

A new wave in social media, are you ready?

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This is the future of Social Media. Better than Facebook and better than Youtube it creates a mix of both that will ensure better quality, entertainment and socialization.

Check this out. Its the next big wave in social media and all interested in promoting themselves should consider getting an account, NOW. This is what is hitting the internet soon and will make the world of social media spin on its tail and perhaps will create a new way of communication and sharing. To understand it, open this post and watch the video explaining it. (more…)

A personal brand and the person who makes a brand

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There is a big chunk of people that are interested in talking about “personal brands” and how you can market yourself as a professional in almost any field to connect with possible customers and your current customers. Personal branding is sort of like when the local car dealer shows up on TV and screams at you while wearing a funny hat and ridding an elephant and when you go to their car lots, you get to see the same yelling, screaming guy sell cars with the funny hat. Not necessarily good, but it creates a “personal brand”. (more…)

Update on The Social Media Lesson

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This little update to my previous post is because I’ve been asked to clear my point about the Social media lesson. The reason for this blog to exist is to shed some light into the complications of the internet marketing world and hopefully, help someone with their own marketing efforts. My previous post had exactly that intention, although not very clearly defined. (more…)

Let this be a lesson in Social Media

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Social media has enabled us to keep in contact with close friends and family. It has also given us an interesting insight into other people’s minds and of course, we can’t avoid finding some serious blunders and fatal mistakes that may be disastrous to the person who did it, but very funny to all those watching. (more…)

Great interview of Chris Brogan

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This is an interview by Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.tv. Our marketing approach should understand the numbers, but we must learn to see people as people and not just a bunch of data. See what Chris has to say about this and pay special attention to the results of a well done Twitter sale (the one about car services). If you can’t see the video, (more…)

Twitter to be part of Bing and Google searches

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Bing joins Twitter
Bing Tweets - Twitter to show in Bing

Direct from Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, we receive news of the future in search. What is being called “real time search” which involves using data from Twitter, facebook and similar services to include information currently surging about a search. In this regard, Bing has taken a big step forward by securing a deal with Twitter to include Tweets in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). (more…)

What is the best time to post a link in Twitter?

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The secret to great marketing knowledge is great marketing research. Pretty much like every other marketing methodology available, Twitter is also sensitive to timing. As in social situations, timing is everything when it comes to twitter and when to publish links.

Time matters in Tweeter
Time matters in Tweeter

One of the uses for Twitter is publishing links to your website or blog. Most people use automated tools to post their contents as soon as they become available, but, the disadvantage to this is that most people hardly ever look at the timing of their tweets. (more…)

Tweet Tweet… embrace your inner bird!

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Is twitter an important part of our internet world? To most people, this is not even a question. Twitter has become such a phenomenon that everybody (and I mean, everybody) is using it. Don’t believe me, look for someone and odds are, you will find that person in twitter. Now, the reason it matters, is because it allows marketing to happen too. Not only people are jumping into the twitter wagon, but also businesses, big multi-million dollar corporations go “tweet” on a regular basis.

Now, there are many ways to tweet. One can tweet in the morning, after breakfast, with a coffee, with green eggs and ham, over a goat, in a train, with a mouse, over the computer, in your cellphone, “crackberry” or iphone. Nothing says good morning better than opening your email and being greeted with a twitter message informing you that you have a new follower or getting the latest news through the fastest and quite unfiltered vine in the planet.

The amazing thing about it is that you don’t just get 1 follower, but all their followers get to see your tweets (if somewhat randomly). Talking about broadcasting yourself! (no pun intended)

Twitter is part of a healthy marketing strategy. Use it wisely, as it is usually the case with social media, an uncared twitter account or a minor misdemeanor, can become a big bad stain on your brand.

Tip #1 Get a twitter account

Tip #2 The very least, post links to your site or social profile

Tip #3 Be wise, don’t type without thinking