Stars to die on December 1

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On December 1 Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Justin Timberlake will stop tweeting and posting on facebook. Videos of their deaths will be posted online where people will be able to see them in their coffins. All of this has been organized by Alicia Keys and will not stop until $1 million dollars is raised. (more…)

Enter title here (how to write)

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Pen en papier / Pen and paper
Image by Nationaal Archief via Flickr

Writing is not necessarily easy. Some people just get it, you have an idea, write a title and off they go. For most of us, however, the creative writing process can be somewhat more of a challenge.

Experts give different ways of coming up with new articles. Perform a Google search, throw words randomly, read the latest news, pray to your deity… but reality is, people write what people can write. Some write great thought provoking stuff, others simply write stuff.

Writing stuff is ok, every now and then you find a little pearl of wisdom and amaze yourself. What really matters is that you have to keep trying if you really want to write. (more…)

#NewTwitter: Twitter’s big announcement

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Twitter had a “big” press conference yesterday evening. They sent out invitations with little explanation of what was about to be revealed. The invitees felt the excitement in the air, the secret was filling the room and the Twitter employees giddily smiled, barely containing the secret.

Twitter was a flurry of tweets, even people (like me) who were not present in the conference were hanging from every tweet from TechCrunch and others talking about what was going on in the event. (more…)

Web Design: Want to sell? Tell me to buy!

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How can a business be successful without sales? How can you sell without asking me to buy? This is simple, yet, many people forget this easy basic element of selling. You have a great product, its packaged brilliantly and its in your office waiting for me to buy. I may, by chance, get to see it, but I may think its there to adorn your desk. If you want me to buy it, you need to tell me you are selling it! How does this translate to internet marketing?

We spend a lot of time and effort creating great web design but we forget that the most important element is what’s makes things happen… “a call to action”. The concept is simple, you have a product and its shown in your website all over the place. It looks pretty, it has a price, but most people won´t take action unless the required action is obvious. If you want a visitor to fill a form, state it clearly with text and design, make it obvious. If you want a visitor to buy, show the “buy now” button clearly.

What can a brilliantly executed idea do?

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Pencil sharpener and pencil.
Image via Wikipedia

What is an artisanal pencil sharpener? Well, most of us remember when we had to sharpen our No. 2s in school. I still remember how in between classes I had to sharpen my pencil and the pride and peace it brought having an excellently sharpened pencil, specially if they didn’t break. There were cheap pencil sharpeners that almost invariably resulted in a broken tip. And then, there were others that sharpened the pencil like a really pointy dagger. So, there are sharpened pencils and Sharpened pencils. (more…)

Funny video and the rap song that made him famous

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This is not news, this is barely something that should matter, except for the fact that is funny. Of course, some healthy fun is always great. This has gone all over the web, has been in the news in different places and now Antoine Dodson (the guy in the video) has a website and has created some controversy in his hometown in Alabama.


Digital marketing… what is it about?

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Let’s talk about digital marketing. Gone are the days when people used to think about the internet as only for nerds in a basement. Kids are at it with so much intensity, that any 5 year old can now explain you the best new tricks for Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Internet marketing was about promoting a website and helping it be seen by potential clients. We used to have only PPC and SEO (which is older than people think – some nutjobs want to make it as old as 1970!), and then came along social media. Youtube made the web a TV and Twitter and Facebook made it a thing to be carried everywhere. So what is digital marketing all about? (more…)

Unexposure: Creating a brand online or hiding in the shadows

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There is a growing awareness of the need to go online. Most business owners today understand that you have to be online to even exist. The question that most of these business owners have is: Is it really for me? Or as an extension, if I go online, will I be able to sell? Is people really looking for my product online?

We tend to confuse online marketing with creating websites. And even though creating a website is an important decision and can be a powerful tool for your product’s marketing, it is hardly the only way to market online. The internet has more than websites, it is used for email, for social communication, for information and for entertainment.

And in the end… there will be a new champion

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Amazed, as most of you, that Spain and Netherlands made it through to the final. At the beginning of the World Cup no one could have predicted this final, most would have said they were good teams, with possibilities, but Germany, Argentina, Brasil, France, Portugal and even Italy looked like better options to most.

I thought Spain would get a nasty defeat from the Germans, I wanted to see this final between two nations that have never won the cup, but really thought it wouldn’t happen. Germany seemed simply formidable and yet, it fell by the closest of margins and by a defense player’s goal (Puyol).

I have some very dear friends in Spain and they are wild with excitement. Most in Spain can’t believe it either, after many cups being big contenders and not living up to expectations.

How is this related to marketing or the web? (more…)

What business people use in LatinAmerica and Spain

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A common misconception is that social media in the Hispanic markets is not as important as it is in Canada or the USA. Certainly, it will be hard for Colombians, Mexican, Chileans or Spanish people to prefer a primarily English based social media website. A lot of them do use the same websites as people in US or Canada, but there a few differences in choices that completely different and unknown to most English speaking users. (more…)

Twitter en México

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Para muchos usuarios de internet, es evidente que en México se utilizan los medios sociales. Facebook, hi5, Fotolog y Twitter. Aunque muchas empresas siguen creyendo que los medios sociales son algo que en México no tiene importancia o efecto, cada vez es más notorio que se equivocan. Para ejemplo, con la reciente victoria de México sobre Francia en el mundial (2-0 por si se les había olvidado), se pudo observar inmediatamente la rección de los mexicanos en Twitter, favor de ver este gráfico para mejor ejemplo: (more…)

Fear of change

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So here we are, getting ready to move to a new city. The usual boxing of all the old stuff and the review of what stays and what goes… time for a complete cleansing. Time to see all the stuff we have accumulated over the years and audit our past decisions.

A picture from a road in La Mancha, Spain
The road ahead

We are about a month away from the move and this boxing game has already taken most of our space, the apartment is a mess. Its all for good, we are moving to a bigger space in a better, quieter, safer and kid friendly area. But as in every change, the fear of the unknown is quite palpable. Leaving all the connections and all the work we have done these past years, a question keeps popping in my head… are we doing the right thing? (more…)

A new wave in social media, are you ready?

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This is the future of Social Media. Better than Facebook and better than Youtube it creates a mix of both that will ensure better quality, entertainment and socialization.

Check this out. Its the next big wave in social media and all interested in promoting themselves should consider getting an account, NOW. This is what is hitting the internet soon and will make the world of social media spin on its tail and perhaps will create a new way of communication and sharing. To understand it, open this post and watch the video explaining it. (more…)

Lessons from my travels through Spain

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Spain is a beautiful country. Beautiful scenery, great people, delicious food (a bottle of 5 litres of extra virgin olive oil for only about $20CAD, excellent wines for only 3 bucks, cheese from heaven – made in La Mancha… crazy!). I was invited to talk about different subjects related to online marketing, business promotion and personal branding for entrepreneurs in different events through several cities.A day in Toledo

I learned a lot from this trip. Usually you go thinking, “here’s what I will teach”, but you often come back getting more than what you give and that is the true value of sharing. Spain is in the middle of very hard economic times. It is a country trying so hard to reinvent itself, to find unification and to find growth and stability. In spite of this (or maybe because of all this), people seem to be having a lot of fun. In the streets of Granada, you could never guess that the city is going through one of its worst economic crisis in years. While going about through several small cities and towns in La Mancha, everyone seemed happy and to a big extent, contempt. People in Huesca, Madrid and Zaragoza share a smile and are courteous, all talk about how the times are bad, but no one actually complains, all keep working and keep living. (more…)

To build the highest tower, you need to start building

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While doing some research for a couple of speaking engagements in Spain, I found a video about the nature of teamwork and some interesting insights into ways to accomplish anything.

Lessons to be learned. This also applies very well into any process. Instead of spending a lot of time planning and thinking, spend a little bit less and focus on making it happen. Try as many times as needed until success is achieved. Edison said it: (more…)

A personal brand and the person who makes a brand

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There is a big chunk of people that are interested in talking about “personal brands” and how you can market yourself as a professional in almost any field to connect with possible customers and your current customers. Personal branding is sort of like when the local car dealer shows up on TV and screams at you while wearing a funny hat and ridding an elephant and when you go to their car lots, you get to see the same yelling, screaming guy sell cars with the funny hat. Not necessarily good, but it creates a “personal brand”. (more…)

42 strategies to successfully optimize your website! (Part 1)

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If you are on a tight budget and want to do website optimization yourself, here is the list you were looking for. The following list of optimization strategies will help you on your way to online success.

01. Write a brief description or introduction and submit it to share sites like Digg, and Reddit.

02. Write articles related to your product/company/service and submit them to article sites. Remember to use your keywords and links to your site in the content. (more…)

Web design on the cheap

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It is fairly common to hear things like: “my friend is a programmer and will help me with a website” and “my son knows a lot about computers and he can design my website“. People these days think that the internet and specially, internet marketing is so simple that any person with basic computer skills and probably some design or programming skills can promote with great success a business online. Worst still, most people only think in terms of a website, when online marketing is so much more.


Of Press Bloggers and Prime Ministers

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Every day I see the web grow, become more important and transcendent. The internet has come from being a toy for little geeks like me hidden in a basement to an everyday tool for everyone. From its humble origins, to what it is becoming today, the road has been long, but really fast compared to any other medium.

The following are two good examples of what the web is accomplishing: (more…)

Can anyone be an Internet Marketer?

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It is not uncommon nowadays to hear someone say, “I do internet marketing“. It just seems that there are just simply too many of us out there! Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are a LOT of MLM guys out there. Most have found the web a nice place to do their “work”.


Update on The Social Media Lesson

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This little update to my previous post is because I’ve been asked to clear my point about the Social media lesson. The reason for this blog to exist is to shed some light into the complications of the internet marketing world and hopefully, help someone with their own marketing efforts. My previous post had exactly that intention, although not very clearly defined. (more…)

Let this be a lesson in Social Media

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Social media has enabled us to keep in contact with close friends and family. It has also given us an interesting insight into other people’s minds and of course, we can’t avoid finding some serious blunders and fatal mistakes that may be disastrous to the person who did it, but very funny to all those watching. (more…)

What does it mean that Google is rolling out Caffeine? (to SEO)

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Google is taking caffeine and its about to become a little brat running around the house and messing all the stuff… or is it?

So Google has been rolling out Caffeine. As per their announcement before the holidays, Google was not going to commence rolling out the new changes in their indexing algorithm until after the seasons. According to several people among the SEO community, Caffeine has been seen in several servers across Google US. (more…)

Post copiers and witless bloggers II

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This is part two of the little odyssey that could from some time back.

So, to whoever was or may be interested, the person removed the article after some heckling and nagging. Didn’t respond to any message or email, but simply removed the offending article, which was good, right? Unfortunately, other blogs have shown up. Nice! Now, the question is, is it worth it to chase all this copying? Guess not. (more…)

Google is google is google…

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So Google is having a killer week. They just released several things out and plan on stomping on everything and everyone of their competitors. Just when you thought Bing was quirky, but if fixed may have a chance, Google comes out and shows some brawn by pushing out several new products and features in about two days grace. (more…)

PPC vs. SEO: Which is better?

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During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been drowned with work. During this time I’ve been going through some interesting stuff (while working like mad). Someone asked me, what is better: Paid marketing (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The answer is simple. It depends. (more…)

Google’s cool new page!

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Have you noticed the new über-cool fading effect in the Google’s home page?

Yes, indeed! Google’s new home page has a fading effect after you move your mouse cursor on the screen.

The guys at Google really went out on this one and have yet again, amazed us. (more…)

Holidays, holidays… are you ready?

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We are in the best season for the retail industry… the holidays. Most retailers have been working hard on preparing for this season, but some, lagged and are still trying to catch up. What can you do if you are in dire need for a fast strategy to promote your products or services for this holiday season? (more…)

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