Enter title here (how to write)

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Writing is not necessarily easy. Some people just get it, you have an idea, write a title and off they go. For most of us, however, the creative writing process can be somewhat more of a challenge.

#NewTwitter: Twitter’s big announcement

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Twitter had a “big” press conference yesterday evening. They sent out invitations with little explanation of what was about to be revealed. The invitees felt the excitement in the air, the secret was filling the room and the Twitter employees giddily smiled, barely containing the secret.

Digital marketing… what is it about?

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Let’s talk about digital marketing. Gone are the days when people used to think about the internet as only for nerds in a basement. Kids are at it with so much intensity, that any 5 year old can now explain you the best new tricks for Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Unexposure: Creating a brand online or hiding in the shadows

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There is a growing awareness of the need to go online. Most business owners today understand that you have to be online to even exist. The question that most of these business owners have is: Is it really for me? Or as an extension, if I go online, will I be able to sell? Is people really looking for my product online?

What business people use in LatinAmerica and Spain

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One question that comes a lot is: Is there a LinkedIn market in Latam or Spain? The answer is: Of course! (Don´t need to be a guru to know that one). Now the issue here is that there aren´t as many Spanish speaking users in LinkedIn as one would expect. So, where are they?

Twitter en México

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Para muchos usuarios de internet, es evidente que en México se utilizan los medios sociales. Facebook, hi5, Fotolog y Twitter. Aunque muchas empresas siguen creyendo que los medios sociales son algo que en México no tiene importancia o efecto, cada vez es más notorio que se equivocan. Para ejemplo, con la reciente victoria de México sobre Francia en el mundial (2-0 por si se les había olvidado), se pudo observar inmediatamente la rección de los mexicanos en Twitter, favor de ver este gráfico para mejor ejemplo:

Fear of change

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So here we are, getting ready to move to a new city. The usual boxing of all the old stuff and the review of what stays and what goes… time for a complete cleansing.

Lessons from my travels through Spain

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Spain is a beautiful country. Spain has several millions unemployed and others with half day jobs and half paying work because of the situation. But still, people are working hard, trying to innovate and get going. Read the three lessons for success I learned in Spain here.

A personal brand and the person who makes a brand

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There is a big chunk of people that are interested in talking about “personal brands” and how you can market yourself as a professional in almost any field to connect with possible customers and your current customers. Another way of personal brand is what some major companies are doing now. Their brands are becoming “personal”.

Web design on the cheap

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It is fairly common to hear things like: “my friend is a programmer and will help me with a website” and “my son knows a lot about computers and he can design my website”. Is this a smart choice?

Of Press Bloggers and Prime Ministers

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The internet has come from being a toy for little geeks like me hidden in a basement to an everyday tool for everyone. Bolggers get press passes and Canada’s Prime Minister does a YouTube response to the Speech to the Throne with questions from the public.

Can anyone be an Internet Marketer?

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It is not uncommon nowadays to hear someone say, “I do internet marketing”. It just seems that there are just plain too many of us out there! The truth couldn’t be farther than this.

There are a LOT of MLM guys out there. Most have found the web a nice place to do their “work”.

Update on The Social Media Lesson

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This little update to my previous post is because I’ve been asked to clear my point about the Social media lesson. The reason for this blog to exist is to shed some light into the intricacies of the internet marketing world and hopefully, help someone with their own marketing efforts. My previous post had exactly that intention, although not very clearly defined.

Let this be a lesson in Social Media

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Social media has enabled us to keep in contact with close friends and family. It has also given us an interesting insight into other people’s minds and of course, we can’t avoid finding some serious blunders.

What does it mean that Google is rolling out Caffeine? (to SEO)

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Google is taking caffeine and its about to become a little brat running around the house and messing all the stuff… or is it? o Google has been rolling out Caffeine. As per their announcement before the holidays, Google was not going to commence rolling out the new changes in their indexing algorithm until after the seasons.

Post copiers and witless bloggers II

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This is part two of the little odyssey that could from some time back.

So, to whoever was or may be interested, the person removed the article after some heckling and nagging.

Holidays, holidays… are you ready?

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We are in the best season for the retail industry… the holidays. Most retailers have been working hard on preparing for this season, but some, lagged and are still trying to catch up. What can you do if you are in dire need for a fast strategy to promote your products or services for this holiday season?

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