Online marketing for construction and renovation companies

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Good SEO is like money in the bank
Good SEO is like money in the bank

The construction market is an important pace maker for the economy in Canada. A healthy housing market means that the economy is in good condition and consequently, this is reflected in the renovations market. When people are interested and can afford home renovations companies that offer kitchen, basement, bathroom or other similar reno services should take notice. Even though your business may be successful now, ensuring that you take every opportunity to continue to grow is the best way to protect your business for years to come.

Doing online marketing for your home reno business is not only smart, but an important decision that will keep your business going even when those bad times come.

From our blog, we review some cases in which online marketing has been an important part of their success be it directly or indirectly.

How to obtain a good ranking in construction?

When we are working on web ranking or seo for home renovations, we must ask the following questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the product or service to be promoted?
  • Who is the target audience we are focusing on?
  • Who are the main competitors?
  • What are the competitors’ strengths?
  • Are you specialized in a particular service?

It is very important to understand the number and strength of your competition when creating a strategy for the business in question. Our marketing strategy will vary depending on these factors. Let’s look at a couple of cases.

DaMaren Renovations

Good marketing fits on every situation
Good marketing fits on every device!

Woodrige Construction is a company based in Guelph providing home renovation services. With a new website and associated promotion, they have been able to attract more customers interested in kitchen renovations Guelph and general contractor services. This has situated them as one of the leading remodeling companies in Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo.

And it is in this field, in which a business may need to be found in different cities that near by with completely different groups of people that web marketing can help.

On one hand we have the brand recognition, it is very important in these cases. If we search in Google bathroom renovations Guelph and we find we are making a direct relation between Woodridge Construction and bathroom renos in Kitchener, which makes brand recognition easier to reach.

This is a great example of how SEO can improve the branding of a business while increasing exposure for the business.

On the other hand, if we search for renovation companies and Woodridge Construction shows up, this is more to the case in which the brand’s potential in empowered and the business benefits.

Fo instance, if we were to approach Da Maren Renovations seo campaign with targeting concepts like kitchens or basements, we may have other methods to rank it in the right place. Instead, we could focus on terms like renovations Guelph or renovations Kitchener to focus on people in the region and have better possibilities to reach the positions desired in a smaller timeframe. Once your local market is doing well, we can take the next step and begin promoting the renovations business to a region (province or state) and increase the reach of the business by doing so.

In conclusion, a specialized online marketing firm that focuses on seo can provide proper recommendations with regard to which is the best strategy to follow based on all the factors in play and considering your business needs and situation.

Better yet, if you are considering a home renovation hire a professional home renovator or contractor and if you are thinking about optimizing your business website, then hire a true professional online marketer. The end results will make a huge difference and you can thanks us then!