6 great online marketing tactics to increase your leads

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Every day, week and month there are a series of inbound marketing strategies that a business owner should know to increase the number of leads. Having an excellent website design Guelph helps a lot. The top 10 tactics are right here:

Redesign the sales process

Seems obvious, and yet, when a business is not generating enough leads, the sales process is often overlooked and as a result, the little leads your business has are lost for an inadequate sales process. Users’ behaviour has changed in a drastic manner, if adjustments are not made to the sales process so that it matches the way your potential clients want to purchase, your business is at risk of loosing qualified sales.

Create a memorable experience

What is a memorable experience on a website? It starts with the very first interaction with your brand, a user needs consistency and reliability to gain trust in your products and services. A memorable experience is simply one that can be remembered, either because it was shocking, easy to go through or fun. Make your brand stand out or be forgotten.

Lead Nurturing

Expert engagement
The power of a team of experts

Lead Nurturing is key to keep your¬†business in front of people that has shown interest in your product or service. Investing in attracting leads is great, just don’t let them go away that easily. If a potential client has reached out, there interest and need, it is only logical that with more opportunity success can be achieved. Have customers sign up for your newsletter, send promotions and important news. Follow up on inquiries and add useful information with regularity.Keep in touch, remember birthdays and important dates, all of these pays down the road.

Content Creation

A good solid flow of educational content is a powerful way of keeping your website visitors engaged and coming back. Creativity and good writing skills go a long way. It is also beneficial for your SEO strategy to keep fresh content.

Your Website

Get a great website! It goes without saying that having an excellent website with attractive and well-planned website design is as important as adding gin (or vodka) to your martini. Your website has to touch your clients rational and emotional side as needed and in the right balance. How much rational or emotional will depend on the products and services you sell and the type of sales process being developed.

Use data to improve your work. Having a great looking website is just the beginning, make sure to check analytics to verify the direction where things are going. Assuming all things are good is not the right way to have a business. It is better to know what is wrong than to not know how it is doing at all.

Optimization and promotion

SEO, social media, bookmarking, feeds and other methods of making your website known are important to increase your leads. Without visitors to your website, you will hardly generate contacts and leads, so grow that number by having well executed SEO campaigns and a thorough promotional set so that people know you exist.

In conclusion

These tactics are great and can help your business grow exponentially. Online marketing is an ongoing job and can not be left forgotten. Remember to review and improve your marketing strategies frequently.