Our SEO gets you ranked where you need to be. Your clients will find your business at the right time and in the right place. With the right strategy, the benefits continue for a long time.

A big part of your online marketing success comes from SEO. At SearchEngineOp we care about your success, after all, if you grow, we grow with you.

SEO is about knowing search engines and having experience working with them, achieved through regular and conscientious testing, preferably with several different websites. There are over 200 different elements that make a website rank, of those 200, the key elements still are:

  • 1. Content is king. We help by developing optimized content and giving it the right code frame structure to help you rise in rankings and reach your marketing goals.
  • 2. Keywords and search. Having the right keywords, not just a large and generic phrase, but one that actually brings traffic interested in what you have to offer and not just random traffic either.
  • 3. Incoming links. We generate incoming links to your website. Depending on what your business is about, the right strategy varies accordingly. Blog outreach, influencer relations, directories, and many other options. Quality does trump quantity, we know how to do both right.
There are many companies offering SEO, however, most of them are flyby operations or really provide paid advertisement ranking. When selecting an SEO company, make sure to verify that the work they do is actually SEO and not PPC management. Be aware of black hat techniques. These techniques are bad for your website, and even though they may gain you immediate results, these will be short lived and may end up getting you banned from google search. Simply remember, no one can promise a specific result (particularly first place rankings) or immediate positioning, if your 'seo guy' is offering one or both, stop working with him and look somewhere else. Work with the experts, get SEO in Guelph from a company that cares and know what they are doing. A professional SEO will say things like "this is a long term relationship, we work to get your site ranked and get the traffic you need, please understand that reputation isn't built immediately", or "my SEO is more of a marathon run, not a short sprint". The reason they say things like that is because, even though sometimes results happen fast, no one can guarantee them and more importantly, the real benefits of SEO are not apparent immediately, even if you rank high, contacts, sales and calls come down the road. If you need an immediate solution, you need to start considering an alternative like PPC. PPC provides immediate traffic and can be fine tuned to get you the results almost immediately. The contacts or sales from PPC are different from SEO, simply because most are one offs or quick purchases in the moment. The psyche of the buyer coming from PPC is completely different from the one coming from a high ranking through SEO.