SEO for fun

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SEO is sometimes referred as an art, a skill, a craft and even a science. However it is never referred as something people just do for fun.

Search engine optimization is complicated and time consuming. There is no serious SEO who will tell you otherwise. Most serious SEO companies need to have a large team of programmers and SEO experts to provide proper services to their clients.

Now, it has come to my attention that there are many search engine marketing “experts” who now offer not only super cheap services (as low as $600 dollars a year) but even guarantee first three spots on Google for all terms. As many will sure know, there a couple of ways to charge so low for such a time consuming service.

1. You have a magic wand and a friend that works in Google who nicely pushes your clients up in rankings

2. You have a factory of barely English speaking workers who live on peanuts every month (and even those factories are not cheap)

3. They may be dabbling in the demonic arts of “Black hat”

4. They don’t really deliver as promised

SEO takes time, skill, effort and lots of experience, why on earth would someone do it for so little?

So, be smart and don’t let false “guarantees” or the promise of cheap SEO tempt you. After all, it is cheap for a reason.