Are internet marketers the new rockstars?

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Now, that is a good question. To judge by the language and styles we internet marketers use online, in our blogs and sites, I would certainly say yes. Just like rockstars, we have our trends and styles.

A little boat went sailing and was full of web marketing guys...
A little boat went sailing and was full of web marketing guys who talked and talked and then they happily blogged!

Many online bloggers and internet marketing gurus fashion baldness and have funny pictures of them showing off doing sports or even being acclaimed by hundreds in a presentation.  I’m debating between posting a picture of me doing something daring or funny… what do you think?

I was recently invited to a particular internet marketers’ event. Just picture this: a cruise ship full of web marketing “gurus” talking about web marketing. Considering that internet marketing is just into its boom, I think that’s pretty fast. Well, we are a wild bunch, ain’t we?

There are marketers who now market to other marketers. We collaborate, help each other, share a lot of our knowledge and get together to do a bit more of giving away! Traditional printing companies have had to evolve to web design and the usage of digital media. Traditional marketing companies have been studying web marketing techniques, learning from them and applying them in traditional marketing strategies (if not moving a lot of their marketing efforts online!). Traditional web designers are slowly, but surely getting into this internet marketing hype, but still hold dearly to their pretty designs. Even grandmothers are getting on the wagon… to me it all sounds a bit too wild west. Rather exciting, although you have to be careful.

There are many who promise success online with minimal efforts, much like the magic tonic sellers of old, they promise something which is mathematically and physically impossible, as it is not possible to make everybody rich. There are many online marketers out there that promise outstanding results and even put it as a guarantee. Of course, I don’t think we have to say “buyer beware”. Most people are pretty smart shoppers nowadays. Are you a smart shopper?

Internet has given us power, knowledge and choice… go use it and use it wisely!