Can Search Engines control you?

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Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc… all search engines designed to help us find websites that otherwise we would not know they even exist. All is good and great until you start seriously thinking about it. The search engines have the power to control, regulate, veto, censor, block and promote whoever they want.

What makes the SEs know better than myself what I’m looking for and what I want? I find myself visiting page 20 or 40 in the SERPs just to see what’s beyond the “wall”.

This begs the question: Can Search Engines control you?

In regards to businesses, as the internet becomes a more crowded and professionalized arena, it will be harder for small entrepreneurs to succeed online. Will this make the web static? The same old thing like TV, radio and movies?

The internet is an agent of change, and will still be for the time being. We need to keep being creative, weird, strange and as unpredictable as we can to keep its spirit alive.