Digital marketing… what is it about?

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Let’s talk about digital marketing. Gone are the days when people used to think about the internet as only for nerds in a basement. Kids are at it with so much intensity, that any 5 year old can now explain you the best new tricks for Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Internet marketing was about promoting a website and helping it be seen by potential clients. We used to have only PPC and SEO (which is older than people think – some nutjobs want to make it as old as 1970!), and then came along social media. Youtube made the web a TV and Twitter and Facebook made it a thing to be carried everywhere. So what is digital marketing all about?

Digital marketing is now about using every single channel, connect it using the internet, track, measure and respond to customers immediately (or as soon as possible). Companies that understand that long gone are the days of ignoring your clients, will succeed better, and faster than those who still think that making a client suffer through their services is a good idea.

The point is, if you don’t let your customers know you REALLY care, then there is no point for you to have customer service as this will create even more discomfort and issues than benefits, disgruntled customers who may end up giving bad reviews and finally, loosing business. Still, some companies go past this with lots of money, but that’s the point… it hurts spending so much money to keep yourself over the bad reviews. Why not just do a great service from the┬ábeginning?

Also wanted to comment on an excellent Cheetos campaign. They’re demographics are people from all ages, ┬ábut focusing on children and teenagers makes a lot of sense. They have created a website called “Battle of the Cheetos” which allows people to play a battle game of cheetos. It is quite cheesy, but the flavour of the site really makes sense. They are promoting this via social media outlets (facebook, Stumbleupon, etc) and allow you to save your progress if you use your facebook account. Fun, entertaining and a great way to reminding people to go get a bag of cheetos.

Battle of the Cheetos... some crunchy and cheesy fun to go.