Holidays, holidays… are you ready?

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We are in the best season for the retail industry… the holidays. Most retailers have been working hard on preparing for this season, but some, lagged and are still trying to catch up. What can you do if you are in dire need for a fast strategy to promote your products or services for this holiday season?

Two options

Option 1: Go the traditional way and start getting ads out in radio and TV and hope for the best. This works every time if you have the necessary budget and a good product, specially to compete with the other advertisers’ air time budgets and products.

Option 2: Go web. Just in case you thought I wasn’t going to mention online strategies, here is strategy number 1 for fast results in a tight schedule. Online paid advertisement works wonders for cash strapped companies who need a campaign on the go. Not all products have the advantage of getting good results when promoted this way, so it is important to talk to someone with experience and who knows before you go wasting your ad budget. A nicely distributed ad budget can work wonders, specially considering the many outlets currently available.

Depending on your product, you can take advantage of Facebook advertisement or Google adwords. Likewise with Youtube advertising or Yahoo/Bing advertisement. All this different platforms have advantages and disadvantages depending on the product or service.

The second component of this kind of campaigns is the Landing Page strategy. It is very important to consider demographics and psychographics before creating a pretty webpage design for each product. Think about the product and the end client and create content and design focusing on the thought process of the customers, otherwise, you can easily get traffic, but still not make a sale.

In any case, do your research properly before launching in an adventure like this. A well done campaign can generate a ridiculous amount of money and success. A poorly planned strategy can leave you asking… wha’ happen?