Post copiers and witless bloggers…

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They say that the measure of your importance is in how many people copy you. Online, this may or may not be true.

I woke up this morning to find that I had a pingback to this blog. I thought, “Yey! I’m becoming someone as I get quoted”, but it turned out to be just a witless blogger who had copied a post I did and had not bothered to remove any of the links I had in that article (this is fortunate as otherwise it might have taken some time before I found out). This person copied my article word by word in its entirety, which is in itself bad, but he/she didn’t even give credit (which is a requirement).

I’m at a crossroad here. I feel annoyed because this person didn’t give credit to the article’s rightful author (me), worse still, the post has some links to my blog and site and all have a “nofollow” attribute (meaning they don’t count for SEO either).

The worst is I think this person has been stealing posts all over the place, most of his posts have duplicates or rather, are duplicates from other websites with absolutely no credit to its rightful owners. It is sad to see a such a cheap blogger.

I have asked this person to remove the post or give due credit and links. Doubt this will be the end of it though…