The future is now

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Most traditional marketers were only (and still are) interested in earning an income while promoting whatever product. There were no laws and people would use any dirty tactic to sell, no matter the consequences. Then they learned about product loyalty, quality over quantity and other marketing elements that make products and services desirable.

New marketers, however, face a world were people are more empowered than ever, where knowledge is available a couple of clicks away. If you lie, or hurt someone with your marketing, chances are that your success will not last long. Ultimately, people have learned to review and complain to the winds if something is not to their liking. Likewise, good work and good products are rewarded with praise and following.

Welcome to the present. Marketing is more about generating awareness and being really helpful, not just inventing the next silly new thing that comes to mind and push into the consumers collective throats until they can’t take it no more. The new online marketers must embrace this and understand that the best way to market a product starts with having a great product, the rest, is just a matter of letting people know it exists.

Happy Halloween!

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