Bing is down!

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If you have a webmaster center account in Bing, you may have noticed that Bing’s webmaster center has been down for some days. This has prompted some to speculate the reason behind such a problem and left many a good webmaster hanging for dear life as they can’t review the information about their sites. Some claim this might be the end of the world and that without Bing no human can find information online anymore. I think that’s just way overboard.

Bing webmaster center is down...
Bing webmaster center is down…

I’ve had people asking me about this and I can only provide you Bing’s response. Basically, “We are working on it, soon it will be back”. That was a couple of days ago, still waiting!

This reminds me the Windows Blue Screen of death and the Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death… maybe we should call this the Bing Pink note of death?