Bing is up!

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After some days of incredible anguish, Bing webmaster central is up and running again! Still, Bing makes me cringe every time I visit it. The crawling is still erratic and still in need of some serious fix up. It does not make any sense that Bing’s bots will crawl a site but only take 1 page or 2 instead of the whole content. Or that it will suddenly take 5 pages and leave to never come back or come back and take 1 more page… you get the idea.

Bing... the indecision engine.
Bing… the indecision engine.

Speculation arise! Some say its strategy as Bing wants only the best pages of each site, therefore not indexing all of your site. Others think Bing’s crawler is damaged and needs repairs. And still others believe Bing is Bing and being a 10% market share holder at this time means you shouldn’t waste too much time trying to figure it out. I tend to jump on all three camps depending on my mood and the day. As it is, I usually recommend people to focus on big players (mainly Google) and let Bing be Bing and hope one day you get better results.

I of course, can’t do that. I have to know what makes Bing tic and will keep poking at it until the truth is revealed and can be used to help my clients. If there is a plan, I fail to understand it as well as many other SEOs and webmasters, but maybe that’s because our little minds can’t comprehend the secret master plan behind Bing’s MSNBot. Rant’s end. I’m a happy blogger again.