Google is google is google…

posted in: Web News

So Google is having a killer week. They just released several things out and plan on stomping on everything and everyone of their competitors. Just when you thought Bing was quirky, but if fixed may have a chance, Google comes out and shows some brawn by pushing out several new products and features in about two days grace.

One such interesting change is related to search. Big Bro is now watching everything you do, whether you are signed in or not to its many, many services. The personalized results are in theory a great idea, as Google will learn with use what you prefer and what you like, tailor suit the results to fit your preferences invisibly and make it an overall seamless experience. We’ve had this feature when signed on to any Google service and performing a search. But the big G has just announced that your searches will be personalized even if you don’t sign in. Considering that only by clearing your cookies on your browser or disabling the feature in a not very obvious way (but accessible non the less), we may consider that Big Bro will now have much more information about everyone else.

For search engine optimization this is kind of a curse, as SEO experts will need to change the way they optimize sites… or maybe just start providing the best possible services online. Of course, any small business will have a harder time of attracting people, but we will need to see how this pans out and keep a close eye on search changes.