Twitter in Google is officially coming soon…

posted in: Web News

As soon as Bing came out and announced it, Google was not far behind. We last heard that Google was in the talks with Twitter and they have apparently closed the deal.

Currently, if you do any google search, you will find that for some results Twitter twits are already showing in the SERPs. More will be coming soon. Real time results is what the buzz is all about these days. Exposure will become much more sensitive and businesses need to keep learning as fast as the market evolves. Speaking of which, Google Wave is coming too and that has some people talking about revolutionizing the way we email and do internet in many ways (and a healthy dose of detractors, of course).

Getting back to Twitter in Google, this was mentioned in Google’s blog yesterday. See the blog post here: Google Blog.

Bing has been showing some improvements recently in regards to market share and seems to still be working out a deal with Yahoo. The marketshare war is still very hot, in spite of what most of us believed. Bing keeps kicking back, will this be it for Microsoft? Is this Microsoft’s retaliation for Google’s intrusion into the OS markets with Android and Chrome OS?