Windows 7 makes a splash

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Windows 7 has beaten Harry Potter’s Amazon UK preorder record. It is officially the most preordered item in the history of Amazon UK. That is something interesting. I keep wondering if Windows 7 will be as good as it seems.

Windows 7 came out in beta for testing since early this year. I had a copy and tested it for a while. I found that most of Windows 7 really looks like Vista, but, there are small tweaks that make all the difference. I also found that it loads much faster than Vista, seems quite more stable and the new features make it a nice ride.

If you have followed the news, most people have agreed with this assessment. Another interesting fact is that in spite of being available for almost a year in Beta, no hacker/cracker has been able to crack the validation which may mean better security. Security and safety of Windows 7 is impossible to predict as Windows 7 hasn’t received much attention from hackers yet. This will very likely change as the official versions come out today and people start using it.

In the meantime, most of us will start toying with the new Windows 7 and making it personal. It even works with the small and easy to carry netbooks!

We’ll see, Windows 7 is out and it will be submitted to the most rigorous test… humanity.