A personal brand and the person who makes a brand

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There is a big chunk of people that are interested in talking about “personal brands” and how you can market yourself as a professional in almost any field to connect with possible customers and your current customers. Personal branding is sort of like when the local car dealer shows up on TV and screams at you while wearing a funny hat and ridding an elephant and when you go to their car lots, you get to see the same yelling, screaming guy sell cars with the funny hat. Not necessarily good, but it creates a “personal brand”. (more…)

42 strategies to successfully optimize your website! (Part 1)

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If you are on a tight budget and want to do website optimization yourself, here is the list you were looking for. The following list of optimization strategies will help you on your way to online success.

01. Write a brief description or introduction and submit it to share sites like Digg, and Reddit.

02. Write articles related to your product/company/service and submit them to article sites. Remember to use your keywords and links to your site in the content. (more…)

Web design on the cheap

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It is fairly common to hear things like: “my friend is a programmer and will help me with a website” and “my son knows a lot about computers and he can design my website“. People these days think that the internet and specially, internet marketing is so simple that any person with basic computer skills and probably some design or programming skills can promote with great success a business online. Worst still, most people only think in terms of a website, when online marketing is so much more.


Of Press Bloggers and Prime Ministers

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Every day I see the web grow, become more important and transcendent. The internet has come from being a toy for little geeks like me hidden in a basement to an everyday tool for everyone. From its humble origins, to what it is becoming today, the road has been long, but really fast compared to any other medium.

The following are two good examples of what the web is accomplishing: (more…)

Can anyone be an Internet Marketer?

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It is not uncommon nowadays to hear someone say, “I do internet marketing“. It just seems that there are just simply too many of us out there! Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are a LOT of MLM guys out there. Most have found the web a nice place to do their “work”.


Update on The Social Media Lesson

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This little update to my previous post is because I’ve been asked to clear my point about the Social media lesson. The reason for this blog to exist is to shed some light into the complications of the internet marketing world and hopefully, help someone with their own marketing efforts. My previous post had exactly that intention, although not very clearly defined. (more…)

Let this be a lesson in Social Media

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Social media has enabled us to keep in contact with close friends and family. It has also given us an interesting insight into other people’s minds and of course, we can’t avoid finding some serious blunders and fatal mistakes that may be disastrous to the person who did it, but very funny to all those watching. (more…)